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 How to Suggest a good keyword for a product?

What is a Keyword and how important it is?

Keyword is a single word or phrase that a potential user searches to find the most relevant results he is looking for. To get those searchers to find your product and services, you need to include right keywords for your product or services. A good keyword can be the deciding factor to grow your online business and gain targeted inquiries. If you have chosen inappropriate keywords it may derive wrong audience to you which mean low sales and inquiries.

Choosing a Good keyword for a product?

Proper attention is required in selecting the most appropriate keyword or right combination of words that accurately describe your product or service which are most likely to be searched by the potential buyers on TradeKey.

Choosing a right keyword may take lot of time but will benefit you in a long run because it helps in bringing qualified trade leads to you which ends up increasing sales conversion. It is quite a tough task to define good keywords for your product; there are many factors to be considered to rightly describe your products and influence the buyer.
Given below are some major factors that will give your product more visibility at TradeKey.com, which can easily lead to increase sales leads.

Major Factors:

1. Be Relevant and Analyze your target audience:
Your keyword should be relevant to your product and services nature and always keep your target audience in mind that what they are going to search if they want to buy your specified product or service.

2. Stay away from the Generic keywords
It has been researched that when a users wants to find something, he tries to fine tune his search by making a combination of words to get more relevant results in quick time. In other words, if he is looking for a shoe to attend particular occasion or function, he will try to search phrase (“Party Shoes”) by mixing keyword of party nature with shoe to get most targeted results, rather than simply searching "Shoes". Another important part is that generic keywords have lot more competition as compared to phrases which may decrease your visibility. Generic keywords do offer more traffic but have very low conversion rate so try to avoid generic keywords.

3. Be Specific & Comprehensive.
Always focus on choosing a specific keyword, if you are men’s shoes manufacturer then use “men’s shoes manufacturer” rather than using “shoes manufacturer”. People who search for “shoe manufacturer” may be looking for bridal shoes, prom shoes, or any other kind of ladies shoes available. If mens’s shoe manufacturing is your concerned business category then getting a bride to send inquiy to you is worthless. It would be better to have fewer users interested in men’s shoes rather than high users interested in women’s shoes.

Let’s take an example to understand above mentioned factors in detail:

Example: Keywords for Nokia n95 Cell Phones with their ratings.




More specific & comprehensive


Cell Phones

Nokia Cell Phones

Nokia n96 cell phones , Nokia n95 phones, Nokia n95

Other useful factors to determine a good keyword:

  1. Consider regional keywords
    If your business belongs to a particular region or area then include region name with your product name or nature.
    Example: California Real Estate

    Above example clearly shows that you are running a real estate agency in California which looks more potential keyword as compared to “Real Estate” 

  2. Use different terminologies
    As we know that people use different terminologies for a single product in different parts of the world so we should also try to use utilize these terminologies as our keywords.

    Example: Sweaters also called sweatshirt, pullover, jumper, and jersey

  1. Age-Group Relevancy
    If your product is related to a specific age group then it’s better to mention it in your keyword phrase.

    Example: Kids Bedroom Furniture

  2. Season targeted keywords
    If you are selling products that varies according to season like garments and apparel belongs to winter or summer season then you should include their season name with keyword.

    Men’s Winter Coats

Things to Avoid:

While selecting a keyword try to avoid following factors because they will not boost your ranking at TradeKey.com but you may lower your product visibility.

  1. Special Characters
  2. Domain URL
  3. Domain Name
  4. All Caps (Upper case)
  5. E-Mail Addresses
  6. Trademarks and brand names of other companies without authorization

End Note:
The main purpose of putting all above efforts is to provide knowledge to our valuable members about selecting right keyword and let them know that how important and beneficial a keyword can be to grow their online business and improve sales conversion.

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