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 Selling - an overview

Not all suppliers are equal on Tradekey.com. While you can register for free, and sell products without paying a cent, premium members (both SilverKey and GoldKey) get special treatment. Premium member benefits include promotion on the home page and on thousands of other sites across our network, preferential listings in the database and translation services. You can read more about premium member benefits here.

The first step is registering
Only registered members can become Tradekey.com suppliers.  Click here to find out more about registering, or click here to join now.

Your mini-site contains your information
Company and product information are listed under your mini site. To put buyers in the picture, you can include photographs and images of logos in your mini-site.

See what buyers are looking for
Look through the Buy Offers to see if you can provide any of the products that buyers are looking for. You can then send a message to the buyer with a quotation to provide these products.

Post a Sell Offer to promote excess inventoryYou can use a Sell Offer to alert buyers to special offers that you are running. We do check these offers to make sure that they are legitimate. Click here to post a sell offer.

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