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 Fraud Tips for the Buyer

At TradeKey.com we do our best to screen fraudsters before they take any action. However, the fraud industry is constantly expanding and improving in ways of fraud. Please be assured that based on feedback and suggestions from customers like you, we are also improving our system to combat such activities. We cannot guarantee that a particular member, Premium or Free, may or may not conduct fraud.

The safest way to protect yourself is having a good relationship with the buyer or seller. As a buyer, you have several options:

In addition to TradeKey.com, it will be good to contact the commercial services usually located in the Consulate or Embassy of the country that you want to import from. Their job is to help verify buyers from their country. For example, if you want to import from China, you should contact the commercial services of China and so forth. Trade associations, Chamber of Commerces located in the importers' country are also good sourcing resources.

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