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 How to Report Fraud?

TradeKey.com encourages buyers and sellers to come together to deal in legitimate, safe and secure trade online. 

If you suspect you may have been defrauded by any member registered at TradeKey, you may simply visit the supplier’s company profile page at TradeKey.com and click the "Report Fraud" link as shown below:

Upon clicking this link, a form will appear where you can submit your complaint against the particular seller. You may fill out the form as shown below:


In order to submit your fraud complaint, you will need to gather some items & evidence in order to substantiate your claim. These items include:

  1. Name of person/department you dealt with
  2. How long it took to complete the transaction, amount of transaction, quality of the products, Payment Method used etc...
  3. A brief description of the events that transpired.
  4. Attach all records of communication (e.g. email, telephone, fax, personal visits, etc.)
  5. Attach all  copies of payment receipts (e.g. Western Union, Bank Wire Transfers, Credit Card receipts)


After receiving your complaint, TradeKey.com will notify you within 2 business days whether your claim has been accepted or any other information/evidence is required. If it is accepted, we will notify the other party in writing, requesting them to complete and submit a Counter claim. To help with Trade Disputes, please refer to these useful tips:
  1. We suggest that you should contact the other party as soon as possible to resolve the dispute. Many disputes are often resolved by direct communication between the 2 parties.
  2. Also, please do try and get in touch with the relevant authority in that particular country. Click here to know about domestic & International Law Enforcement Agencies
  3. If our dispute procedures do not meet your requirements, you may also protect your rights and interests using A)  Lodge legal proceedings with a court of competent jurisdiction or B) Report your complaint to the relevant public security authority/police force

If a written arbitration agreement has been reached between you and the other party before or after the dispute arises, the parties may refer the dispute to the relevant arbitration commission for arbitration


TradeKey.com does not represent Seller or Buyer in any transaction between users of the website, and is unable to make any judgment as to the performance of users in transactions. Therefore, the above form only allows users to lodge their complaints . TradeKey.com neither guarantees nor undertakes that any complaint will be settled or that the results of the complaint will be appropriate.

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