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 What should I do if I suspect a fraud has been committed?

If you did not receive your shipment or are seeking your money back, we are sorry to know of your loss on the TradeKey.com platform.

Please note that if the seller has sent you an invoice to pay, and based on the invoice you made the payment, you should try to convince the seller to reimburse you.

If you are unable to come to an agreement with the seller, you should report the matter to your local police.

To help TradeKey.com take appropriate action (including membership termination of the offending party), please provide us with copies of the commodity invoice and wire transfer remittance (or other evidence of payment), as well as copies of all correspondence between you and the company in question.

The "Report Fraud" feature is available on any of the supplier's TradeKey.com pages; whether you're viewing a Sell Offer, Products, or the Company Profile, you will find the "Report Fraud" feature available on the page.

Once you click on the "Report Fraud" link, you'll be directed to the Complaint Form. Here, you will enter your details, attach any supporting documents and Submit.

We cooperate with all law enforcement investigations. To assist us in this, please provide us with:
- Your full legal name, residential address and country of issuance of passport and copy of passport;
- Case reference no. and the name of the police or other law enforcement unit where the case was reported;
- Amount of alleged monetary damages.

After you have reported the suspected fraud to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, we will forward case information to them upon their request.

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