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 How can I protect my business from fraud?

Regardless of who you are dealing with, we suggest you run these simple checks to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate business.

Is the business legitimate?

1. Make a call to check and confirm the phone and fax numbers to ensure that the ones provided are authentic.

2. Ensure that the individual that you are dealing with is an authorised representative of the company. 

3. Please request from the company atleast 3- 4  references from their clients worldwide . If these clients give you good reference about  this company, then there is no need to fear.

4. Always rely only on widely known and trusted companies for shipping and payment.

5. The most important thing: Please make financial payments through Escrow.com. It is very safe and secure. Never make payments thru Western Union unless you have done your due diligence on evaluating the supplier's legitimacy. Most fraud companies use Western Union. 99.99% of Fraud transactions are done through Western Union.

6. Some scammers act very clever, such as setting up a website to appear to be an escrow service that the seller recommends so the buyer will feel safe making a purchase from them. Then the unfortunate buyer sends their money assuming they are being safe, when in fact they are sending their money straight to the scammer instead of an escrow service. So please check and confirm before you send money.

Is the product what you are looking for?

-         Order samples to ensure that the item meets your specifications and expectations. You may need to pay for these upfront.

-         For products produced from animal or plant material, you may need certificates of authenticity when importing into the European Union or other jurisdictions.

How can I protect myself from Internet fraud?

-         Only give your bank account information when it is really necessary

-         Monitor all your bank accounts to make sure that there are no unexpected transactions through your accounts

-         Look out for deposits as well as withdrawals. If large amounts of money are deposited into your account, you could be used as part of an international money laundering scheme, and you need to contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately.

-         Save all relevant correspondence (email, fax or letters) from people you intend to do business with.  You may need this to prove your case if you need to prosecute.

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