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 Importance of Sell Offers

Importance of Sell Offers

Sell Offers or Selling Leads section is the least used and most misunderstood section on B2B Portals.  This is an area that needs to be updated frequently by you.
Products Catalog helps buyers understand the major products you are selling.  It gives them an idea of what line of business you are in and your major production.
On the other hand, Sell Offers help buyers understand in more detail the models or types of products that are available according to current industry trends or demands.
Here you post information about products which are heavily in stock and you want to do business with high potential. You can always generate multiple Sell Offers from your Products Catalog mentioning different designs, models, quality, etc. as it varies from product to product.

As trends change, products change as well.  Therefore, Sell Offers can be deleted and re-posted any time you want. While Posting Sell Offers you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • All the Sell offers must have pictures uploaded with them. It is commonly believed that “A picture speaks for itself”. A good quality picture creates more interest for buyers and helps them visualize the product in more detail. Also, pictures show your professional attitude to the buyers.
  • A Premium GoldKey Member can post up to 300 Sell offers and a Premium SilverKey Member you can post up to 100 Sell Offers at any time. It is highly recommended that you post maximum number of Sell Offers and update them every 3 to 4 days. This is because the more relevant information you post the more exposure you get on our website and your Sell Offer looks fresh to the buyers as well.
  • Sell Offer is also the best way for promotional stuff where you brief the buyers about the benefits they can gain with the short time Offer posted.
  • Update your sell offers in chunks of 20 on a weekly cycle. That is, don’t update all your Sell Offers at once. Update 20 of your Sell Offers on a day and rest on the following days. Please note that you can easily delete and repost your Sell Offers any time you want.
  • Provide all the information in a concise manner containing all the related information including: Quality, Quantity, Delivery Time, Price, and Mode of Payment.

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