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 Importance of Products

Importance of Products

In order to achieve maximum results from your TradeKey account, Products Catalog should be designed in such a way that it gives an overview or general idea of your Company’s products. Your Products Catalog should contain all your Best Selling Products. These Products should be the ones that are produced by your company constantly, give you a brand image and enhance your company’s reputation. They must directly reflect your area of specialization.

TradeKey is a B2B leader in Search Engine Marketing.  Once the products are posted, our Internet Marketing Specialists start optimizing your products.

The sole purpose of optimization is “To Make your Products And Company highlighted amongst other”. This involves highly technical procedures & business processes.

To get better results, we suggest you follow these standard guidelines when posting your products:

1) In order to get the best response we recommend you post all your best products along with their images.
2) Do not use a website URL, email address, or phone number in the product image, product name or product description.
3) Provide as much details as possible in your product description; ensure that all measurements, sizes, colors, brand names, etc. are correct.
4) Distinguish your products as much as possible by providing a unique name for each product.
5) If you have more than one type of product, then define Groups for each type of product.
6) Do not put words like “Sell” or “Buy” in your product name or description.
7) For every product you can upload up to 5 images and detailed description. Provide at least 3 high quality images for each of your products.

Please remember that the Products and Company profile should be properly organized, so that a Buyer finds it easy to read and understand.

We strongly recommend that you do not change your products once they have been posted. This way you would be able to gain maximum benefits from our Search Engine Marketing techniques that are designed to get you maximum inquiries.

To keep up with seasonal trends, we suggest that you frequently update your Sell Offers.

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