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 Does TradeKey.com allow multiple accounts for a company?
  Yes, TradeKey.com allows multiple accounts for a company, subject to verification by our Risk Assessment Team.
 How to unsubscribe from TradeKey's Mailing list?
 To unsubscribe instantly please follow the link at the bottom of our email.
 Popular Country Codes
 Country - CodeUSA - +1Canada - +1China - +86UK - +44Australia - +61Belgium - +32Belize - +501Czech R
 New User - Unable to login...
  You are unable to login with your User ID and Password because you have not yet activated your account at TradeKey.com.When you register your company at TradeKey.com, you have to activate your account by click
 To change your password...
  To change your password, please follow these steps:Go to TradeKey.com and login with your username and password.Click Member Area.Click My Account.Click Change Password.Here, provide your current password and also you
 How to submit feedback about a member?
  You may submit your feedback by visiting your supplier's profile page on TradeKey.com. In fact, the "Rate this company" feature is available on each of the supplier's TradeKey.com pages; whether you're viewing a Sell Offer, Products, or the
 What is the Terms & Conditions Form?
 The TradeKey Terms and Conditions Form contains terms that the member agrees by when going in contract with TradeKey. The terms and conditions are designed to protect both TradeKey
 Does TradeKey have an office in China?
  At present we don’t have any offices in China but within months we are planning to open our office in China. Please be assured that we are always available to serve you. Don't feel any hesitation in asking any questions or giving us your feedb
 What is the contact information of TradeKey?
  TradeKey contact details are: Middle East
 What is the ranking of TradeKey in Search Engines?
  Ranks at 8/10 by Google Page Rank.Over 15 Million visitors per month.Over 50 Million page views per month.Over 10 Million buyers visit per month.Over 130,000 new members per month.
 What is your Toll Free Number?
 Presently, We have Toll Free Phone numbers for USA members only.
 Can you send your Sales Representative to our office?
  Presently, our Sales Representatives do not personally visit the client’s offices. 
 Can you send me your best price for 100 pieces of Nike Jordan?
  The terms and conditions of business, pricing, mode of payment, mode of delivery and all other matters are dealt directly between the buyer and seller.
 Why is your fax number from the US even though you are located in the Middle East?
  The US fax number is the e-fax number which has been especially subscribed to for the benefit and convenience of our customers from aro
 What are the allowed products to sell on your website?
  All products except given below are allowed to be posted on TradeKey.
 What is the difference between Products and Sell Offers?
 Products of your company are what your company specializes in. For example, you may specialize in manufacturing or selling auto-parts, or fashion items. Your Products Catalog will contain all the products available to purchase from your company.
 What are your office hours?
  TradeKey Customer Support is based in Karachi, Pakistan. The time zone here is GMT+5.00 hours.
 What is Bank account Title?
 'Bank Account Title' refers to the bank account holder's name. The account holder can either be a person or a company.
 What is Sender’s first and last name?
 Senders first and last name refers to the first and last name of the person under whose name the Western Union payment has been remitted.
 Why your account name is Sawabeh Information Services Co.?
 TradeKey.com is a subsidiary of Sawabeh Information Services.
 What do you mean by attested document? They already have been attested by our Chamber of Commerce at the time of issuance?
  TradeKey does not require you to send original documents, but photocopies of them. These photocopied documents need to be attested by your local chamber of commerce and sent as hard copy by postal mail t
 Explain the statement "Higher priority at TradeKey's listing compared to a free member". What does that really mean?
 Premium Member’s products/offers and listings have higher priority over the free members. The Premium members products/offers and company profile are displayed and listed ahead of free members, while search
 Recommendation to use Strong Passwords
  What is a Strong Password?Strong passwords cannot be guessed easily. Hackers often use automated tools to help them gu
 TradeKey is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified
  Yet another step towards our continuous growth After in-depth evaluations by independent audit teams, T
  Dear TradeKey M
 What is UNSPSC?
 The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®) provides an open, global multi-sector standard for
 Why You Should have a Company Website
 Launch of Free Company Website (Web DHS Services)
 Online Showroom of Unlimited Products
 Consumers like having a variety to choose from before making a pu
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