06 Dec 2022 
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 How can I protect my business from fraud?
 Regardless of who you are dealing with, we suggest you run these simple checks to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate business.
 What should I do if I suspect a fraud has been committed?
  If you did not receive your shipment or are seeking your money back, we are sorry to know of your loss on the TradeKey.com platform. Please note that if the seller has sent you an invoice to pay, and based on the invoice you made the payment,
 Fraud Tips for the Buyer
 At TradeKey.com we do our best to screen fraudsters before they take any action. However, the fraud industry is constantly expanding and improving in ways of fraud. Please be assured that based on feedback and suggestions from customers like you, we ar
 Banned Content
 TradeKey.com randomly monitors the features, products & services, and the content posted on the website for adherence to the TradeKey.com Terms of Use. It is in TradeKey.com’s interest to make sure that the content displayed on our website is suita
 How are TrustPoints allotted for members?
 TrustPoints are rewarded based on a number of factors that determine how reliable a member may be. Greater the TrustPoints, greater the reliability. Of course, it is alway
 How can I increase my TrustPoints?
 To increase your TrustPoints, you should:
 What is the maximum number of TrustPoints a member can get?
 A SilverKey Member has 10 TrustPoints. Can I deal safely with this member?
 Always check the TrustProfile “
 What does having negative TrustPoints mean?
 TrustPoints is a TradeKey.com points system to help determine the reliability, identity, and legitimacy of a TradeKey.com member. If a member has negative TrustPoints, that means dealing with this member is
 How To Report Fraud
  In response to your Negative Feedback we take strict action against Supplier's who violate their Membership privileges at Tradekey
 How to Report Fraud?
  TradeKey.com encourages buyers and sellers to come together to deal in legitimate, safe and secure
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