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 Using your virtual office to contact suppliers
 Some suppliers list their contact details on the website, but others prefer to be contacted through TradeKey.com only.
 What is an Urgent Buy Offer
 An Urgent Buy Offer is a great way to quickly attract serious sellers and buy exactly what you need at the price suitable for you.Following are some
 Three different ways to find suppliers
  You can browse, search or post a buy offer:By BrowsingCompanies and products are sorted into logical categories and sub-categories to make browsing easier. You ca
 How to find and purchase items
  A.Search and BrowseTo begin finding items on TradeKey.com, first decide whether you want to Search or Browse. Each method has its advantages, depending on what you're looking for.
 How to identify whether the seller is reliable or not
  Reliability of the seller is the most imperative factor that should be taken into notice before making any deals. You can judge the credibility of the sellers by having a sight on seller trust points, seniority flag or you can also e-mail on feedback@tr
 How do I start if I want to buy at Tradekey.com?
  If you are new to Tradekey.com, we suggest that you read the Member Guide, which teaches you how to buy, how to manage and how to choose items. After you take a good look at this guide, we assure you that you can
 Can I bargain with the seller?
 Prices offered are generally less than those of similar market places. However, if you still want to negotiate over the prices you can send e-mail to the seller you are in deal with to bargain over the prices.
 How do I remove an item from the inquiry basket?
  Please sign in your account and from Members’ Area choose the option "Inquiry Basket". You may view the items you added in the basket under the tabs of buy offer, sell offer, companies, and products tabs. Select the item which you do not want
 Are the products on TradeKey.com authentic?
 Tradekey.com strongly discourages and stands against the products which are not authentic or fake.  On the confirmation of any product being unauthentic, our dedicated teams take necessary measures to eradicate such presence. However, as Tradekey.com is o
 Can I block e-mails from unwanted sellers?
 Yes, you can certainly block e-mails if you do not wish to receive e-mail from any particular seller. Just go to your inquiries inbox select the inquiry which you do not want to receive and click on Block sender (s) button or you can also block sender by
 How many people use TRADEKEY?
 The growth of TradeKey has been splendid since its inception. With its day to day tremendously increasing figures TradeKey is proud to have more than 4 million registered members on its portal. You can also view the exact figure on the Home page at the to
 Will you keep my personal information confidential?
 We understand that  unravel of personal information  is one of the biggest threats on B2B portals thus we take this aspect seriously and practice to keep the account information confidential as mentioned in TradeKey’s  privacy policy.We strong
 Does Tradekey.com offer any free membership?
 Yes, TradeKey.com does offer free membership.
 Where can I find sellers' information?
 Sellers can be searched under “Products”, “Sell Offers” and”Companies” section.Browse by categories: You can search for sellers by browsing major categories and sub categories through Browse Categories pane on the Home Page.S
 While searching for any product, I get so many results. How can I choose the best result?
  The chances are likely that you may get several results while searching against your required product but we recommend you to consider GoldKey members at your first priority and SilverKey at your second as these members prove their identity by being a P
 What shall I do, if there are no matching products that I want to find?
 TradeKey is a portal with wide range of products from all around the world. However, if you have not been able to find your required products then try searching it under sell offers or companies section. If in case you still cannot find your interested pr
 How many buying leads can I post?
 Being a free registered member you can post 20 buy offers at maximum. However, limit of buy offers posting when acting as a premium member depends upon the overall packaged purchased.
 What do you mean by premium member?
  Members who enjoy all the privileges of free membership as well as splendid value-added benefits are known as to be Premium Members. Tradekey.com offers two types of premium memberships, SilverKey and GoldKey membership
 What is the difference between Products, Sell Offers and Company Profile?
 While Products, Sell Offers & Company Profile all represent a particular company and their offerings, there are a few salient differences in them:1. Products are the main / permanent goods that a company sells2. Sell Offers are
 Why don't I get a response from suppliers that I send emails to?
 You may not be receiving responses from suppliers because of the reasons below:1) Check the "Sent Items" of your Message Center to check if your inquiry has been sent successfully. If your message cannot be found in your "Sent I
 Why do I receive quotations that are not relevant to my requirements?
 Some suppliers send mass emails to target related buyers. To avoid receiving unsolicited quotations from unsuitable suppliers, make sure your Buy Offers contain clear details and relevant product photos (if you have them). Adding more details ensures that
 What is the use of Spam Messages?
 The “Spam Messages” section contains unwanted emails that you receive in your TradeKey account because they were marked as SPAM either by you in the past or any other TradeKey member or received in more quantity or filtered by the TradeKey system. Spam Me
 How can I delete emails from Sent Items?
 Sent Items section contains records of email messages that you have sent out from your TradeKey account. These emails are kept for tracking purposes regarding your conversations with other traders and, hence, cannot be removed or deleted. This is to ensur
 How can I delete emails from Deleted Items in the Message Center?
 The “Deleted Items” section contains the record of emails which you have deleted from your Quotation/Inquiries. These emails are kept for tracking purposes regarding your account authenticity and, hence, cannot be removed or deleted.
 How can I send Fax to a member?
 The Fax facility can only be utilized by Premium Members of TradeKey. Fax can be sent to a particular recipient via “Send Fax” tab. There are two ways of accessing this tab:    *   From the Company Profile page of the recipient on TradeKey.com
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