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 Selling - an overview
 Not all suppliers are equal on Tradekey.com. While you can register for free, and sell products without paying a cent, premium members (both SilverKey and GoldKey) get special treat
 Building your mini-site
 Your mini-site is automatically created when you register, using a standard Tradekey.com template. Your mini-site contains both your company profile and product information.
 Updating your company profile
 Updating your company profile is easy – Make sure you are logged in, and in the Member Area, then select Edit Company Profile from the Member Area navigation tree on the left.
 Listing and managing your products
 SilverKey and GoldKey members may list as many products as they like, while free members are limited to listing five products only.
 Adding pictures of your products
 Format: we can display images that are either jpg or png.
 Posting Sell Offers
 You can post a Sell Offer to tell members about special deals that you are running. Premium members Sell Offers will be listed first, and free member’s
 Exploring Buy Offers
 Buy Offers are hot leads as buyers post information about products that they are actively looking to purchase. Ignoring these could be a mistake.
 Contacting Buyers
 While some members may list contact information like telephone and fax numbers and accept communication from all members, many prefer to be contacted by SilverKey and GoldKey member
 Three different ways to find suppliers
 You can browse, search or post a buy offer:
 Managing your Trade Alerts
 You can change the frequency of your Trade Alerts and the format that you receive them in, and the email address where your Trade Alerts arriv
 How to Suggest a good keyword for a product?
  What is a Keyword and how important i
 What benefits I will get as a premium member?
 Both Silverkey and Goldkey members enjoy great services and benefits aimed at making their business more successful and profitable. •    
 What is difference between Silverkey and Goldkey membership?
 Silverkey Membership » All Free Membership services plus.» Silverkey Flag » Priority Listing in various search results.» Search new buyers from a database of 1,000,000+ global buyers an
 What do you mean by premium member?
 Premium members are those who get all the benefits of free services plus lot of value-added services that helps them to grow their business globally. Tradekey offers two types of Premium membership services, Silverkey and Goldkey.
 How many selling leads can I post?
  The free members can post only up to 20 sell offers. The premium members get great advantage in this regard and they can display lot more product catalogues to their buyers. The Silverkey and Goldkey members can post up to 100 sell offers de
 Why don't I get inquiries from buyers?
 A lack of responses to your selling information Tradekey.com may be due to different factors. Please check the following tips to improve your feedback:1. Have you provided enough product details? Most buyers choose suppliers who provide lots o
 Why did not my quotation get a reply from buyers?
 Please check the following possible reasons:1.    Your quotation was not sent in time and other suppliers sent their quotations first. Please subscribe to our Trade Alert service to get the latest buyer information and avoid missing any future
 How do I check my sent messages?
 1.    Sign in to Tradekey.com at http://www.tradekey.com/index.html?action=login_signin2.    In your Message Center click Sent Items3.    Check for your sent messagesIf your messa
 How do I find inquiries in my Tradekey account?
 1) Sign in to Tradekey.com at http://www.tradekey.com/index.html?action=login_signin2) In your Message Center click Inquiries
 How do I add an attachment when sending messages?
 1) Click the Contact Now button 2) Enter subject, your message and code3) Click Attach Document/Pictures to add an a
 What does this mean: “Free Members can only contact this buyer after some days"?
 Free Members can only contact this buyer after some days" means only paid members can contact the buyer immediately after the posting of buy offer because only premium members have unrestricted access to buyers on Tradekey.com.
 How do I check if my message was sent successfully?
 1.    Sign in to Tradekey.com at http://www.tradekey.com/index.html?action=login_signin2.    In your Message Center click Sent Items3.    Check for your sent messa
 Where can I find buyers information matching my industry?
 If you are a free member, you can find buyers’ information “Buy Offers“ and “Companies” menu. If you’re a premium member, you also get access to Tradekey’s vast gl
 Is there any limitation on maximum number of inquiries that I can send to buyers everyday?
 The number of inquiries that can be sent by each member varies depending upon various factors such as business type (seller/buyer/both) and membership type (free member, premium member)But In general, free members can send maximum up-to 20 inq
 I tried to send emails to buyers, but it got rejected. Why?
 In order to know the reason please capture the screenshot of the error page and send us at “general@tradekey.com”
 How many Products can I post under different types of memberships?
 The free members can post only up to 5 products. The premium members get great advantage in this regard and they can display lot more products to their buyers. The premium members can post up to 10 products based on the membership package.
 What is a “Product Group”?
 Product Group feature is provided to help you manage your products in an easy and efficient way. Please note that Group name and their description is not searchable on Tradekey database. If you want your products to be searchable on Tradekey.c
 How can I put my product at top of the list?
 Tradekey.com is a leading B2B portal in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and has been given 8/10 rank by Google which help members to put their products on top rank. SEO service has been provided to only premium members of Tradekey.
 What’s the best way to name my products?
 You should use good keywords for product names that define and reflect product description and features. Do not use model name or brand name in your Product names. Just try to use common words by which buyers could search for your products. Wh
 What all information can I include in the Product description?
 You can write basically anything you want in order to describe the product. But writing contact points such as e-mail address or messenger-IDs is strictly prohibited.
 How should I write a good product description?
 A good Product description should include useful and up-to-date information about Product features, specifications, and benefits etc. Always try to provide adequate information about your Product that describes your product in detail. Inadequate informati
 Do I have to fill out keywords?
 Yes, Keywords are very important factor by which buyers/sellers will search you. Write your product keywords and other relevant keywords each separated with a comma in the keyword box. About 3 to 5 relevant keywords are enough. Good Keywords helps you in
 Does TradeKey.com inspect the content of my products and sell offers? If so, why?
 Yes, Tradekey content editors review all the information that is posted by both free as well as premium members before publishing it on Tradekey site. This is done to e
 What is Trade Alert?
 With Trade Alert service, you can receive regular email alerts regarding buy offers, products and company profiles via email or fax that matches with selected categories of your interest. Trade Alert service is available to both free as well as premium me
 How does the Trade Alert feature help doing business in TRADEKEY.COM?
 If you subscribe to Trade Alert service, there is no need to search for new buyers/sellers new information every day. You can easily find new and updated information about buy offers, products and company profiles in Tradekey Trade alerts that will be sen
 How often Trade Alert will be sent to me?
 Trade Alert is sent once a day or on weekly basis. But if there is no information that has been updated under the categories that you have selected, you will not receive any Trade Alert message in that case.
 How can I subscribe to Trade Alert?
  Please check the following steps to use Trade Alert service. 1) Sign in to your Tradekey account 2) Go to “Trade Alerts “section in Message Centre at the left bar and click on “Add New Alert”3) Check Buy offers, Products and Compa
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