Banned Products

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Created On: 11 Dec 2007 01:36 PM


Dear Trader,

TradeKey does not permit the trading of products that are illegal, infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, or may easily be used for illegal purposes. Over time, TradeKey has also prohibited the trade of other products due to negative trading experiences.

As a member of TradeKey, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the products you have posted are permissible. Therefore before posting any product, you should ensure that your product does not fall within the TradeKey ‘Banned Products’ list.

TradeKey reserves the right to remove any products that violate the ‘Product Posting Policy’ from its website without informing the member. TradeKey also reserves the right to disable the accounts of any members who continue to violate the ‘Product Posting Policy’ after having been warned.

The following is a list of products/product types that are banned on TradeKey: