Recommendation to use Strong Passwords

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Created On: 04 Sep 2007 08:55 AM


What is a Strong Password?

Strong passwords cannot be guessed easily. Hackers often use automated tools to help them guess or crack passwords, and the easier a password is to guess, the faster a hacker can break into a system.

A strong password is one that is hard for someone to break into. It consists of random letters and numbers set out in a way that no one can run a program against your password to figure it out.

Why does TradeKey recommend use of Strong Password?

Your password is the key to your complete TradeKey account information which includes your personal information, buy/sell offers, products, Message Center etc. Strong Passwords protect both your TradeKey account and your personal information.

What can happen incase you don’t use a Strong Password?

Hackers can break into easy to guess password, access your private information and use it to impersonate you and harm your business. They can destroy your important messages in Message Center and harm your reputation with your Customers, and so much more.

How to create a Strong Password?

You can create a strong password by following these guidelines:

How to keep your Strong Password Safe?

Many people write down their secret password, and tape it to the monitor or tuck it into a desk drawer next to their computer. The following are a few recommendations for handling your passwords more safely: